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안녕하세요. 통통코인팀 입니다.

통통코인(TTCOIN)은 2021년 4월 28일 15시 43분 소각을 진행하여
이를 안내해드립니다.

- 상 세 -
목적 : 재단 물량의 TTCOIN 소각
소각일시 : 2020-04-28 15:43
소각수량 : 90억 TTCOIN
소각내역 : https://browser.tongtongchain.io/index.html#/tradeInfo?tradeId=fb7a6d7ac908acb97ea3f0d13afb8d259f76c6e9
TxID : fb7a6d7ac908acb97ea3f0d13afb8d259f76c6e9


As a team affiliated in the Tomato Group, tongtongcoin team focuses on tongtongcoin ecosystem extension and striving for development, which is for getting exclusive profit back from financial companies currently to people by the purpose of financial transaction innovation.

Statement of Development Projects
빠르고 정확한 송금처리, 실시간 전송
Stock Tong -Top 1 Domestic Stock App

Stock Tong is a mobile stock platform which supports real-time info and function of stock trading such as market price, asking price, news, notice and etc. It recorded cumulative users 3.9 million and 1,000 billion in 2018 currently with faithful interface and easy directions in base.

There’s a customer group with partnership of 12 stock firms such as Kiwoom Securities, SK Securities, eBEST Investment Securities, Hana Financial Investement, Yuanta Securities, Mirae Asset Daewoo, Namuh of NH Investment and Securities, Bankis of Korea Investment, KBSecurities, Shinhan Investment, Creon of Daishin Securities, IBK Securities and etc. The only one domestic application available to trade both stock and virtual money in the same platform by the Top 1 domestic stock APP.


안전하게 보관, P2P 안전거래
tongtong -Free from search and seizure P2P Messenger

tongtong is a secure messenger without server. Message server only functions as a bridge. Messages are automatically deleted in 48 hours. Even if wired, messages are impossible to be decoded.
Since thetransmission are encrypted. Also, it’s impossible to use tongtong by root and multi device.


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