tongtongcoin is a decentralized Blockchain-based platform devised to dramatically reduce transaction fees for existing payment systems such as credit cards and cash, bank charges for online remittance services, and to facilitate the processes of payment gateway and remittance

tongtongcoin can return the monopoly profits of existing financial companies to mankind because it can be used as a substitute for mileage/points of online stores without limitations on where or when to use.

Download tongtong App to use tongtongcoin
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tongtong coin
About tongtongcoin

tongtongcoin can lower the transaction fees to 1/10 compared to that of the existing payment gateway and remittances systems.

tongtongcoin is a specialized platform for payment gateway services and remittances.
It has a simple user interface in connection with TongTong, its internal messenger platform.
It has functions such as purchasing goods, fast remittances through decentralized P2P transactions, and exchange of mileage/points, etc.

All transactions made through tongtongcoin guarantee anonymity, ensure similar speed to centralized transactions and maintain a high level of security. It is also implemented for use in a variety of existing media environments.

The tongtongcoin Platform

tongtongcoin is a platform with a User-friendly interface for anonymous dispersed management of assets.

The TongTongCoin Platform

tongtongcoin Wallet

Simple, Secure, Fast

The TongTong Wallet operates based on TongTong, the messenger platform of the Tomato Group.
TongTong Wallet is a highly secure, P2P-based messenger with a user-friendly messenger interface.

You can conveniently send and receive tongtongcoin and other coins as you would chat with a friend, and use it as a payment method.

빠르고 정확한 송금처리, 실시간 전송
Real-time Instant Remittance

• 24/7 Faster transmission
• Easy and safe transaction as you would chat with a friend
• Hybrid blockchain that has fast transaction

안전하게 보관, P2P 안전거래
Highly secured P2P trade platform

• Decentralized and secured trading program
• Encrypted/decrypted with user's private key
• Guarantee stability of Pay System

단순하고 손쉬운 이용방법, 각종 마일리지 전환 사용
Mileage convert to tongtongcoin

• TongTong Wallet hold various coins (BTC, ETH, XRP, DASH, TTCOIN)
• Mileage and Points Conversion to tongtongcoin

TongTong Wallet instructions
1. Download

You can easily download TongTong application from app market.

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2. Register

When you log in, please click Wallet to register TONGTONG WALLET.
Process: Wallet > Set PinCode > Set Security Key > Finish Wallet Registration

시작하기 Start
지갑등록 Register
비밀번호 설정 Set PinCode
보안키 등록 Set Security Key
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3. Use

You can use 3 kinds of functions in Wallet.

01. Send You can send TONGTONGCOIN for all TONGTONG WALLET users.
※ You can make safe transactions by P2P Smart Contract.
02. Receive You can receive TONGTONGCOIN from friends
who has a TONGTONG WALLET account by QR Code or wallet address.
03. PAY Use tongtongcoin to Online and Offline Market through Mileage/Points Conversion
Road map

tongtongcoin Project Start

• Lineup tongtongcoin Project team
• tongtongcoin oin Develop

1Q :ICO Marketing

Coin development
• tongtongcoin issuing, Wallet system development
• ICO Marketing


Private & Pre Sale
• Linking our service such as StockTong, Kkalamunkka, Etomato, NewsTomato, etc.
• Partnership marketing

3Q : Public Sale, Mileage and Point exchange system development

• Partnership marketing
• Open TongTong wallet P2P trading (China, Russia, Vietnam)
• Open Online shopping mall service
• Partnership with point firms

4Q : Open Payment and Remittance System

• Mileage and Point exchange system service open
• Partnership marketing

Expand tongtongcoin Partnership

• Partnership with Global aviation alliance
• Partnership with Game service
• Offline market payment pilot service open
• Switching TongTong messenger to blockchain messenger
Token Sale
  • Name : tongtongcoin
    Symbol : TTCOIN

    Release : 10,000,000,000
  • 1 TTCOIN = 100 KRW

    Acceptable currencies :
Total Token Supply 10,000,000,000
Number of coin for sale 500,000,000
Price 1 tongtongcoin  = 100 KRW
Sale Private sale
May 2018

Pre sale
June 2018

Public sale
July 2018
Sale Policy
Token Sale Purchasing condition
Private sale (2018.05.01 ~ 05.31) Additional 15% Bonus (Min purchase 500,000)
Pre-sale (2018.06.01 ~ 06.30) Additional 10% Bonus (Min purchase 50,000)
Public-sale (2018.07.01 ~ 07.31) Additional 5% Bonus (Min purchase 5,000)
Additional sale (2018.11 ~) Additional 5% Bonus (For Partner/ Min purchase 100,000)
  • Token Disribution
  • Use of Proceeds
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